Multilingual hostesses and interpreters on international trade shows

Have you ever exhibited on an international trade show or professional event? How did it feel? Did you manage to overcome the linguistic barrier with your leads? Did you try by yourself to communicate with them or did you hire an interpreter? Who was in charge of welcoming your international visitors?

? What is an international trade show?

A trade show is an exhibition organized for companies working in a specific industry. Their purpose is to showcase and explain new products and services to potential customers. Trade associations of a specific field normally sponsor them. There are hundred of thousands of international trade shows each year all over the world.

Every international trade show or professional event requires a lot of efforts. But most of all, huge investments from your company, we know that very well. That’s why we decided to write this article. To help you clear your mind and stop leaving money on the table with poor results. We want to let your brand sparkle internationally and avoid intercultural pitfalls. They may not only damage your company name and image but also thwart all your efforts.

? Why hiring a hostess and interpreter on an international trade show is so important?

If your company is lucky and well-established, your sales managers will probably be able to introduce your firm in other languages and do some negotiations. But what if your booth is assaulted by leads and interested people who really want to know your products/services and discuss about them in details? We know professional fairs can be very hectic and stressful.

? Who is a hostess and interpreter?

A hostess and interpreter is not only someone you can rely on from a linguistic point of view. She or he has learned the terminology relevant to your field of work. (S)he is also someone you can trust and who is going to help you with your job during the fair by:

  • Taking business cards and messages
  • Filling orders
  • Explaining your product or service range
  • Showing catalogues
  • Explaining minimum orders, payment conditions and/or customization


? Why hiring Verbavox hostesses and interpreters?

Our hostesses and interpreters are always multilingual and culturally trained.

We have been learning them how to write the perfect CV. But if they work with us, it’s because they bought our guide on “How to become a perfect multilingual hostess” and we trained them. They master the subject and know how to act in every situation. They will help you solving logistics and organizational problems and/or misunderstandings. And, last but least, they will give a positive image of your company abroad.

Even if your product is excellent and something people need, it doesn’t mean leads will buy it from you. Especially on international trade shows, where most of your competitors are. You need to connect with your leads emotionally, by speaking to them in their language and using the right words. Who else can do that better than a hostess and interpreter?

An international trade show or any other professional event is a key public occasion. To do what? To meet new potential customers, to bond with them and to create new partnerships. The hostess and interpreter is not only a contractor. She/he is a team coworker throughout the event, and will be invested in helping your firm thrive.

We have been siding many businesses during their internationalization. Hostesses and interpreters are the first people international trade shows attendees will interact with.

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