Google-ranking multilingual content

One of the most requested activities since the start of the pandemic?

Definitely, multilingual SEO copywriting.

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SEO copywritingis the new black

What is it? Multilingual SEO copywriting involves writing content in different languages containing high-performing keywords to improve your website’s ranking and gain organic traffic.

A well-researched editorial calendar written by true native linguists and SEO experts is essential to attracting an audience to your online storefront. 

Forget about freelancer platforms that promise breathtaking delivering texts for $5. 

Google has a very complex algorithm that rewards those who deeply know how to play with its mechanism and are able to offer at the same time valuable, well-written and pleasant to read content. 

SEO copywriting is the key to your business. Blog articles, static pages, product descriptions. All it takes is a few simple guidelines provided by you to help you build an empire. 

SEO copywritingattracts leads to your digital door

Gaining organic traffic for your website is an arduous mission, but a truly satisfying one when the results of an ad hoc strategy begin to show. 


Organic traffic in fact allows you to bring free visitors to your website. How? Intercepting the searches that your potential customers make on the web, we are able to draw up content that can be positioned among the top results when users type on the search bar of the search engine the object of their research. 


This is a unique opportunity that deserves to be well-thought-out and taken advantage of. Have you any idea of how many companies exist on the web and how few are known by Internet users? Online visibility is everything and positioning is fundamental for your brand. 


Do you want to skyrocket your website organic traffic?
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For which types of content is
multilingual SEO copywriting intended?

Static website pages

Product descriptions

Blog posts

Press releases

Shopping Basket