We are Verbavox

We are here to help your brand become a success story

Verbavox is a multilingual SEO and UX translation agency based in Italy working with leading companies and start-ups from all over the world.

Dreamers, makers, doers. This is who we are.


We are problem solvers

Global business owner? E-commerce entrepreneur? You are looking to expand and consolidate your globalization and internationalization strategy workflows so that you can focus more on what matters the most.

Let us support you! Entrust us with optimizing your internationalization strategy and translating a website, a software, your product descriptions and marketing material.

Nowadays, multilingual SEO and document translation can turn into a zero-sum game for a company.

Budgets are tighter and tighter

You lack time to find high-knowledge experts to manage international and linguistic issues in-house

Freelance hiring is a risky gamble

Don’t lag behind

Choose us to have access to our experienced A+ mother tongue talents and reliable partners that deliver results.

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Our Values

We make internationalization strategy simple

Our approach is simple. We learn all about your brand values, your goals and ambitions and we do our best to make them reality. 


We are not magicians and we don’t want to make fake promises. The world is full of scams. Humanity will save the world and will make your brand rock internationally.


We will provide you with all the multilingual resources you need after deciding together which internationalization strategy applies best for you. Foreign market analysis, competitors analysis, digital marketing strategy, multilingual SEO, multilingual editorial planning, translations, interpreters at meetings and trade shows. We got you covered everywhere you want to go and export. 

We help you move the needle


You cannot be everything to anyone, especially when entering foreign markets. Let us help you.

People can spot authenticity from a mile away. Your multilingual content needs to reach their heart. When it comes to turning visitors into customers, one word is key: intercultural empathy. 

Entrust cross-cultural experts to carefully choose the most suitable words, images, and strategies for your multilingual content and marketing material: only experienced linguistics can put themselves into your target audience’s shoes.

The gist is: cross-culturally adapted content material is everything. This is what will truly make your success.


We care about your brand image and we do our best to help you rock it. KPIs, ROI, we want you to be successful. Your success is our success too. 

Support 24/7

We never let you down when you most need a multilingual and multicultural expert.

Multilingual know-how

Multilingual content is a real turnkey for your business. Entrust us to build your global authority starting from the web.


You don’t want your brand to be an epic global fiasco. Document translation does not mean simply translating a word or a sentence. It means delivering a message, understanding the functioning of your product/service to highlight its best qualities so that customers catch the real difference between you and your competitors.

We are humans and we love teamwork

Put a face on Verbavox! Discover who’s striving every day to guide you through your international path from behind the scenes. 

Talent will bring you sales, but teamwork will bring you success. You deserve a dream team of agile specialists exchanging their experience and knowledge. Success comes faster when shared. 

This is why we collaborate with a nimble crew of UX designers, multilingual Social Media Managers, SEO copywriters, marketing translators, e-commerce translators, technical translators and many other professionals. We are ready to start a love story with your brand, are you? 😉 

Say Hello to Our Team

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We partner to make your life easier

We partner with other digital businesses to provide you with complete, innovative, performance-oriented solutions, centered on building your international brand awareness.