A diploma to translate? A certificate of birth or marriage? A divorce? A company balance sheet? A criminal record? 

Only translators who have been sworn in can sworn translations.

What does this mean? This means that only translators who have taken an oath in the court of law under penalty of perjury can provide this type of legal translation. Customers request a lot of sworn translations and legalized translations.


Why are sworn translations so high-demanded?

Because you need sworn translations for a lot of different legal purposes. Foreign governmental institutions need translations with specific requirements. The reason why sworn translations are so vital is that they show that the document translation is genuine. Sworn translations are very different from traditional technical translations. Legal translations formally recognize the correspondence between the original and the translated text. This is the main rule to ensure that the legal translation provided is valid in the country in which it will be used.

What’s the process for this type of legal translation?

The translators physically need to go to the court. Once at the court, they swear they have translated the documents faithfully and in good faith. Translators are civilly and criminally responsible for the work they have done.

How long does it take to get a legal document translated with this process?

It depends on the volume of the legal document provided. Or on the number of certificates requiring translation.

For a single-page certificate delivery, you need to take into account two days. You will then receive a digital copy of the translated document. If you need to have the paper version, you may need to wait up to seven working days.

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