Verbavox x Paco Rabanne - Transcreation from French into ItalianVerbavox x Paco Rabanne - Transcreation from French into Italian

Verbavox x Paco Rabanne | Transcreation into Italian

Verbavox provided transcreation from French into Italian for Paco Rabanne, a worldwide renowned fragrances producer.

Project Summary

  • Service name: Transcreation
  • Language: Italian
  • Industry: Luxury

About the company, what were their requirements and why?

Founded in 1934 by the fashion designer Francisco Rabaneda y Cuervo, Paco Rabanne is a renowned fashion brand producing fragrances that are well-known worldwide for their strong, enveloping, and delicate touch.

A leading luxury brand, Paco Rabanne needed marketing translations that were culturally and stylistically suited to the Italian market.

For this reason, they turned to Verbavox. Specializing in the luxury sector and with a proven track record in perfumery and cosmetics, Verbavox welcomed this transcreation assignment.

paco rabanne

Challenges faced by Verbavox for this transcreation project into Italian

The transcreation project into Italian for Paco Rabanne presented many challenges.

The universe of fragrances is huge, subtle, and highly nuanced. To convey the same fragrance in the target language requires adaptation and a thorough transcreation process.

The transcreation into Italian of Paco Rabanne's communication media required technical expertise and a certain sensitivity to the world of perfumery.

paco rabanne2

Solution provided by Verbavox to Paco Rabanne

Verbavox, therefore, adapted the marketing texts for one of the campaigns for Paco Rabanne.

No special software was required to carry out this transcreation project in Italian. The only skills our native Italian translators brought to the table were creativity and knowledge of the perfume world in both Italy and France.

Paco Rabanne was satisfied with the collaboration with Verbavox. As a result, they entrusted Verbavox with other similar assignments.



Paco Rabanne

Release Date

Jan 2020