Verbavox x Hector Kitchen | SEO copywriting service

Verbavox provided SEO copywriting and keywords study for the Italian market for Hector Kitchen, a pet food company based in France.

Project Summary

  • Service name: SEO copywriting in Italian, keywords study
  • Language: Italian
  • Industry: Pet food

About the company, what were their requirements and why?

Hector Kitchen is a French company producing tailor-made pet food without preservatives. The client's goal was to pave the way for sales in the Italian market. The main mission? To attract as many customers as possible with a targeted and effective SEO copywriting strategy. The goal was to bring organic traffic to the website.
Hector Kitchen drafted the content of the website's institutional pages. But, they did not have an editorial plan nor the Italian content for the Academy and the blog sections.
That is why Hector Kitchen turned to Verbavox. In the first place, they asked Verbavox for the SEO translation from French into Italian of their website. Then, they entrusted Verbavox with the research of the most relevant keywords as part of a large Italian SEO copywriting project.
Verbavox SEO copywriting for pet food industry

Challenges faced by Verbavox for this Italian SEO copywriting project

The Italian SEO copywriting project that Hector Kitchen entrusted to us was very challenging. This was because the client was approaching the Italian market for the first time.
Therefore, we had to carry out a careful SEO analysis of the competition. The goal was to pinpoint cues and points of interest and draw up a list of the best-performing keywords.
Hector Kitchen expected a sustained editorial volume from this Italian SEO copywriting project. The tone of voice has to be fluent, user-friendly, entertaining yet informative.
The project also involved dogs and cats’ nutrition experts working within the company. They worked side by side with Verbavox to ensure the creation of accurate and valuable content.
Verbavox x Hector Kitchen - SEO translations for pet food industry

Solution provided by Verbavox to Hector Kitchen

To perform a careful SEO analysis, Verbavox used the most effective SEO software. These tools are specifically developed for optimizing websites for search engines. This allowed Verbavox to submit to Hector Kitchen an editorial calendar.
Each week, Verbavox delivered to the client one 1,200-word article and 8 blog posts of 650-700 words. To provide the Italian SEO copywriting content, Verbavox relied on pet food specialized copywriters with a background in veterinary medicine.
The client's goal was fully achieved. After the first five months of work, the results of a thorough Italian SEO copywriting began to be tangible. Hector Kitchen is a happy client, satisfied with the work done by Verbavox and its team of native SEO copywriters.
Verbavox x Hector Kitchen - Italian SEO copywriting

Hector Kitchen

Release Date

Feb 2019


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