Verbavox x Allure SmartDesign | Website Localization into English

Verbavox provided website localization from French to English and SEO copywriting in both French and English for Allure SmartDesign, international creators of human-centric workplaces that combines intelligence with elegance.

Project Summary

  • Service name: Website localization into English + SEO copywriting
  • Language: English
  • Industry: Design and architecture

About the company, what were their requirements and why?

Allure SmartDesign is an internationally oriented start-up with a young, innovative and full of ideas team.

To better approach the selected target markets, the company was looking for a team of linguists. The aim was to rework the French texts of their website. Another need was the localization into English of these texts, and the creation of an editorial plan for a blog in French and English.

This is why Allure SmartDesign turned to Verbavox and its team of native translators and copywriters.

Verbavox x Allure Smartdesign_Website localization

Challenges faced by Verbavox for this localization project into English

The biggest challenge of this localization project into English was creating a young, fresh, yet professional tone of voice. To convey through words the image, philosophy, and professionalism of the Allure SmartDesign team.

For the editorial plan, it was necessary to identify themes of interest to the target audience. And to find high-performance keywords as part of an SEO strategy structured together with the client and third parties.

Verbavox x Allure Smartdesign_Localization into English

Solution provided by Verbavox to Allure SmartDesign

Verbavox entrusted this localization project into English to an experienced team of translator and transcreators. The primary goal was to create a unique tone of voice and writing style that was young but professional.

The client loved the work delivered. Allure SmartDesign contracted Verbavox to write several blog articles and white papers.

The collaboration between Allure SmartDesign and Verbavox continues to this day.


Allure SmartDesign

Release Date

Dec 2019


Website Localization